Temps d'Images

Teatro Ibérico
8 - 9 Jun 6pm
world premiere

Cire Ndiaye


Is it Eartha Kitt, or are we dealing with a personality disorder? The story takes place in 1940s America and the present day in Portugal, where a young non- binary singer is inspired, reflects, lives, and expands. The narrative follows their search for artistic identity, fear of death, and intense dialogues within a universe of oppression, violence, and industry. The play delves into the protagonist’s life as they confront the pressures of fame, question their cultural roots in a globalized world, and redefine artistic success in personal rather than commercial terms. Enhanced with electronic music, synthesizers, and live jazz, the piece creates an intimate space—a pub and an experimental cave—using a device that integrates live musicians. This approach guides and accompanies the performativity of the central figure, immersing the audience in the multifaceted life of an entertainer. Themes of the American dream, entertainment, and the survival of art are explored. The play questions who determines what survives, who the artist is, and who we are trying to entertain.



Show susceptible to triggers of sexual, racial and psychological violence.

Cire Ndiaye Cire Ndiaye (b. 1999) is a classically trained violinist, actress, performer, creator and composer. She co-creator AS DOCINHAS, C I R E (selected for the Athens video poetry festival). She has played with several national and international orchestras. Participated in CARTA, WOW and ANOTHER ROSE. Entered ESML – Lisbon School of Music in 2017. The concert with Pierre Bastien at TBA, the sonoplasty for A MISSÃO DA MISSÃO, and the training as a Funeral Services technician are the highlights of the year 2023.
Writer and creator Cire Ndiaye cast Cire Ndiaye, Carolina Varela, Tom Maciel, Francisco Bettencourt, Pedro Tavares Assistent director and dramaturgy support Sofia Santos Silva Light Design NovaLuxColetivo - Renato Marinho e Francisco Campos Sound design Cire Ndiaye, Carolina Varela, Tom Maciel, Francisco Bettencourt, Pedro Tavares Set design and costumes Sílvia Rocha - Ahcor Partners GDA, Temps d’Images, Braba Plataforma, Teatro Ibérico, A Piscina - Associação Cultural, Sorriso dos Piratas Lda, Silvia Rocha - Ahcor Artist in residence at the co-producers spaces O Espaço do Tempo, Osso - Associação Cultural, Alkantara, A Piscina - Associação Cultural, Associação ESTUFA Aknolgements Inês Vaz, Nuno Pinheiro, Melissa Rodrigues
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