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Carpintarias de São Lázaro
14 Jun 8pm (opening)
world premiere

Mariana Ramos

DOBRA inflexões de um plano sobre um corpo

The fold, a concept created by Gilles Deleuze, is a form of action that creates and invents its own thought. This process is not voluntary and autonomous; rather, it is similar to the folds generated by the forces of physics in the waters of the sea. Waves are folds that arise in a collective process, following a line of action that is coherent with the processes inherent to nature. (Maribel Sobreira). DOBRA – Inflexões de um plano sobre um corpo, is a video installation composed of four projections and a sound piece. It explores the classical object-body relationship and the interconnections between sculpture and performance, where touch and feeling are the key elements in deconstructing the dialogue between the two artistic fields. This meeting between the cold, hard, breakable sculpture and the smooth, flexible, warm human body is central to the piece. Mariana Ramos’ plaster forms, designed to be touched, dressed, hung, transported, or confused with a body—though they are sculptures, not bodies—propel the movements of Sílvia Real, Valentina Parravicini, Pedro Ramos, and Sandra Rosado. The intention is to produce four narratives that confront each other through the projected images, unified by Sérgio Pelagio’s sound design.



Vernissage June 14, from 6pm
free entrance 14 – 15 Jun

Until 14 July
thursday to sunday 14h-20h
2€ entrance

Mariana Ramos Mariana Ramos is a visual artist and art educator. She graduated in Sculpture from FBAUL and attended the Visual Arts course at Maumaus. She has been exhibiting regularly since 1999. Her collaboration with Sérgio Pelágio began in 2013, and with the collective Ordem do O in 2014. For the biennium 2020/21, Mariana Ramos received funding from DGARTES for "Extremophilarum," a collaboration with Catarina Nunes, and for a tour in Portugal. In 2023, she received another grant for DOBRA - Inflexões de um plano sobre um corpo.
Artistic direction and sculptures Mariana Ramos Dancers Silvia Real, Sandra Rosado, Valentina Parravicini, Pedro Ramos Music Sérgio Pelágio Cinematography and edition Sofia Afonso e Mariana Ramos Production Real Pelágio e Mariana Ramos Text Maribel Sobreira Support DGArtes, CML, Real Pelágio, Ordem do Ó, Artadentro, Balaclava, Oficinas do Convento Aknolgements Tiago Frois, Vasco Vidigal, João Chaves, Maria das Mercês Ramos, Rodolfo Freitas, David Ramos Simões, Mariana Riera Ramos, Célia Domingues
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