Temps d'Images

Teatro Ibérico
15 - 16 Jun 9pm/5pm
premiere in Lisbon

Eduardo Breda


In a plot of land on the edge of a big city, a young woman lives in a makeshift sound studio. The landscape of this place resembles a wasteland, where shrubs, fruit trees, wild vegetation, moss, and ferns, show their vulnerability and the diversity of species . A garden in movement where vegetation is at one with the ruins and the bodies resist through word, dance or gesture (LGP). Can resistance be exerted in the contemplation of nature and the search for the right rhythm of each word? Do words still affect us? Can poetry resist the voice of the gardener who cries, “Is it necessary to uproot the weeds?”


This show as LGP interpretation and subtitles.

Post-show conversation, 15 Jun. With LGP interpretation.

Eduardo Breda Eduardo Breda graduated in Theatre from the Lisbon Film and Theatre School (ESTC). He is an experienced theatre director and has directed plays such as "MappaMundi" (2021) and "A Vila" (2017). In the visual arts and performance, he has collaborated with André Guedes, Albuquerque Mendes, and João Pedro Fonseca, and directed the performances "ECO" (2022) and "NADA#0" (2017). As an actor, he has worked with theatre directors Gonçalo Amorim, Nuno Cardoso, and Ricardo Pais, among others, and in cinema with Paixão da Costa, Patrícia Sequeira, and Joaquim Leitão. Additionally, he has directed documentaries on the Portuguese art scene.
cast Beatriz Baptista, Fábio Madeira, Marco Olival, Mariana Camacho, Tony Weaver, Valentina Carvalho Set design Pedro Tudela Costume and props Luísa Correia e Ágata Tavares Support LGP Barbara Pollastri, Jéssica Ferreira Assessoria de Imprensa Mafalda Simões Staging Assistant and Production Maria Olas Production and technical director Roger Madureira Artistic direction Artística Eduardo Breda Funding República Portuguesa - Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes Co-production Gravity Forms - Associação, FITEI - Festival Internacional de Teatro de Expressão Ibérical Artist in residence O Espaço do Tempo Support Fundação GDA - Programa Arte SemBarreiras, RTP Palco Support Teatro Oficina (Programa - Criação Crítica 2023), Festival Temps d’Images/Duplacena, Pangeia Logistic Support Primeiros Sintomas / CAL - Centro de Artes de Lisboa, Casa Independente Divulgation Support Centro Nacional de Cultura Communication Partner Gerador
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